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About My Work

Basically in the present condition, I have tried to symbolize the distinction among good and evil of Technology and also the differences between human beings and machines. In the 20th century men have discovered themselves as a machine.

Machine is made by man, but contemporarily man is totally depending on machines, because machines solve some problems and it takes some place of human beings. That’s why some times man is devoted by himself to the machines like a Robot.

The major theme of my art work is binary oppositions between man and machine.

Biplob Kor

Biplob Kor

Alternate Generation 1, Mixed Media on Bord,

Alternate Generation 1, Mixed Media on Bord, 33''X24''

Automaton 1, Mixed Media on Canvas, 56''X28''

Clone 2 (Perspective Viw), Mixed Media on Bord, 36''X25''X11''

Alternate Generation 2, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48''X26''

Rickshwa'3006, Mixed Media on Bord, 46''X33''

Automaton 5, Mixed Media on Bords, 29''X45''

Clone 3 (Perspective Viw), Mixed Media on Bord, 19''X19''X10''

Automaton 10, Mixed Media on Paper, 11''X8

Mechanized Soul 02, Mixed Media on Acrylic sheet

Mechanized Soul 01, Mixed Media on Acrylic sheet